Beat the Heat

The fire was amongst chief culprits of natural disasters caused $160 billion in economic damage worldwide in 2018 along with priceless human lives.

At the scorching sunshine of this July, I was learning new life-saving skills of firefighting and rescue from Mr. Steve of Hampshire Fire & Rescue and Dr. Anas Ahmad Rana, Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham (Ph.D. Physics and Complexity Science) and I was recalling this maxim.

Learning is the beginning of health

Learning is the beginning of wealth

Learning is the beginning of spirituality(Jim Rohan)

Whenever I had to leave the office obeying Michelle and Leslyn due to a fire drill, I always found myself lazy while leaving the office and I was not feeling ashamed as many other work-inmates were found texting and making calls while leaving the building. Signs of apprehension can be found on many faces but due to the fire alarm, not due to the fire threat.

This 30-second video changed my perception about fire outbreak ‘’it’s not that quick’’

Never Leave Your Water Bottle in the Car: