Lock Down: Local Council Grants

Due to national lockdown announced on 5th November to 2nd December 2020 many business have been requested to shutdown their operations due to national restrictions. Businesses can get one grant for each premises. Local business may be eligible if-

  1. you occupies a business property on which you pays business rates

  2. Your business operations were shut down from 5th November to 2nd December 2020.

The grant will be based on the rateable value of the property:

  1. Rateable value of £15000 or less: eligible for a cash grant of £1,334

  2. Rateable value over £15000 and £51000: eligible for grant of £2000.

  3. Rateable value of £51000 or above: eligible for a cash grant of £3000

You should make an application with your local council if you are eligible.

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